Musical Works

Musical Works and wonder of baulsomrat shah abdul karim can not be summarized in a single article. He has great contribution  in our music

Shah Abdul Karim and his dotara

Shah Abdul Karim and his dotara

loving bengali culture.  Baul Shah Abdul Karim has written and composed over 1600 songs. These songs are organized in six books, like: Aftab Sangeet, Gano Sangeet, Kalnir Dheu, Dholmela, Bhatir Chithi and Kalnir Kooley. Bangla Academy has translated ten of his songs into English language.

Shah Abdul Karim, the legend of Baul songs and a versatile genius had all through lived a very simple life often faced with harsh reality. However, with the recent trend of popular ‘modern’ versions of his (and other) Baul songs in Bangladesh, he is now widely recognized and honoured by people, even by the younger generations who had never been ‘fans of tradition folk songs’. Though much belated, his contributions to Bengali Music has now been officially recognized by the State and its people.

Most famous songs

  • Jil Mil Jil Mil Kore
  • Bonde Maya Lagaise
  • Ashi Bole Gelo Bondhu
  • Kano Piritee Barailarey Bondhu
  • Gari Cholena Cholena
  • Ami Koolhara Kolonkini
  • Agey Ki Shundor Din Kataitham
  • Ami Tomar Koler Gari
  • Shokhi Kunjo Shajao
  • Ailai Na Ailai Na
  • Boshonto Batashey
  • Krishno Aila Radhar Kunje
  • Tumi bine akul poran
  • Ager Bahaduri Ekhon Gelo Koi